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Petr Nemcansky

Shamanism can by utilised in western society for healing of human potential and soul recovery, supporting ourselves in challenging times, finding new ways of walking the path of our lives in order to help ourselves and our loved ones to live life in harmony with mother Earth and in connection with our Higher Self. The workshop will be concluded with ritual of solstice, that can help us to step into the New Year in natural flow.

Thu 19. 12. 2019 10:00 am - Sun 22. 12. 2019 10:00 am| 297 EUR*

*price includes accommodation and full vegan board

Utilising shamanic practice in our everyday lives 

Practicing shamanism in the western society derives from ancient practices of shamanic cultures that were developing for thousands of years. The ways we are using the practices now differ from the practices of indigenous cultures the same way that differ our ways of living. To our current times we can, however, bring what is essential and common for perhaps all cultures living on Earth, that is healing and recovery of human soul and finding our true and unique role within the human society for its prosperity and evolution.

Way of sharing with others and supporting each other is natural, the more we give the more we get. We will open ourselves to the conscious connection with spiritual guides, our ancestors and our higher dimension. We will invite our dreams and listen to stories that bring healing energy and wisdom. In every moment, we can improve our wellbeing to living in deeper harmony, we are the only ones creating our limits.

My intention is to help you connect with better understanding and gaining deeper insight and lead you to the point of relief, humour and strength.

May all beings walk their paths in love and harmony!


About lecturer

Lecturer, currently living in South Moravia, has long term experience in zen meditation, reiki, shamanic healing and conscious dreaming. He is nowadays devoting his time to healing consultations, leading shamanic circle and his own creation. He is certified teacher of Active dreaming method created by Robert Moss, that merges ancient wisdom and latest study of human consciousness and soul.


"With deep respect to the many teachers, masters and spiritual guides we have access to functional tools, that can help us discover little known world beyond boundaries of our everyday mind and connect us to new perspectives of our lives on Earth. My deep appreciation to all, who have helped me walk the path and are still helping me to follow further." Petr



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